Bringing in a professional coach or facilitator is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get things done.

We’ve been doing this coaching and consulting thing for awhile now, and not much surprises us.  We are experienced professionals who give you as much information as you need up front, and we work with you to set a trajectory that meets your needs. 

Main Services


One-on-one Coaching

After a 30-minute sample session, and after we both agree that a coaching relationship has legs, I’ll ask you to sign a contract that says you’ll meet with me twice a month for four months — that’s eight sessions total. The cost of that package is $2,000 if paid in full or in monthly installments of $550. After that, you may choose to renew your package or continue with monthly “maintenance” coaching at a cost of $175 / appt.


Team Coaching

Team coaching generally follows Leadership Circle Profile analyses and can be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis. Because these engagements vary so widely from the size of the team to expectations to unique needs, there isn’t a standard price. With more information, I’m glad to price out this bid and find common ground with you.



I’ve worked as an organizational development professional and consultant since 1998. Sometimes the needs of the client include soft skills training, and sometimes there is an organizational diagnosis and intervention needed that requires interviews, workshops, and data collection. I’m a skilled trainer who is particularly adept at delivering training on topics such as nonviolent communication, listening, and emotional intelligence. Like Team Coaching, proposing a cost is too varied to be meaningful.


Facilitating Workshops & Seminars

Contracting with an outside party to facilitate workshops is always a great idea — cost efficient, quick, and easy. With me, there is a bonus! I also facilitate (with another person either internal or external to you) graphically. You’ve never heard of it? Run an internet search and you’ll be impressed. It’s an amazing tool that “sticks” better with your audience, draws out the introverts, and leaves you with posters to display. For two of us, the cost is about $2,000 / day.