At Van Diest Associates we work with individuals and organizations to help them understand and meet their unique needs.

I’ve always been fascinated with the world of work. How is it that we give dozens of hours per week to an endeavor? And how is it that identity is found in the title on our business cards? Work can be a source of great satisfaction or of frustration — sometimes both on a single day. We learn to behave at work in our families of origin, and then we’re all thrown together with different structures and egos and cultures. How does work even . . . well . . . work?

This is my passion. To be with individuals and organizations in uncovering their purposes, their values, their non-negotiable qualities is where I want to spend my days.

The early part of my career was in corporate training, which morphed into organizational development, and then I added co-active coaching. I bring experience, professionalism, and an insatiable curiosity to every engagement, and I would love to talk with you too.

My certifications and memberships include

The work we do starts with intent, and each person makes the daily decision to be there. What are we going to do with that spark?