Helping You Find Focus.

Life is complex. Sometimes you need to bring in a professional to help you uncover your values and help you realign your priorities. While we’re there, let’s talk about goals and a timeline. Then let’s make it all happen.

Topics We Might Discuss



It all starts with mining the uncompromisable factors in your life. What are you unwilling to give up?



What drives you? Where does that come from? How much of it is helpful?



Where do you see yourself next month and next year? How do you want to be remembered?



Once all of the pieces are discussed, let’s find a way to make it happen for you.



Who and what leads you? How do you serve as a leader in your own life?


Self Awareness

From Emotional Intelligence to Conversational Intelligence, how do you show up?



Let’s count all of your wins and decide what you can celebrate.


Communication Skills

From non-violent communication to deep listening, let’s get deliberate and sharp.

About Me

I’m Rhonda Van Diest.
I help individuals and organizations refocus and realign themselves with their goals.

My work with organizations started when I was in graduate school, when I learned that there was a way to analyze work systems and implement solutions. These solutions included training, workshops, realignment, and executive coaching. I’m a one-stop shop for all of things intervention and, with my colleagues, we work to make you and your company stronger and more resilient. 

You are one decision away from using the energy of your values and your inherent strength to give you renewed focus. There is no reason to wait.


What Clients Are Saying

“For sure Rhonda's coaching helped me. I became much more aware of the dynamics of my workplace, and eventually decided to find another position. I've never been happier.”

CE, Iowa

“Would it be cheezy if I said that she taught me how to listen? She coached me to be aware of how I show up at work and how to act more like the executive I want to be.”


"Our company worked with Rhonda to help us set goals and learn to treat each other better. She headed up workshops and recorded our goals on poster paper. It's a great reminder of the commitments we made to one another. I would hire her again in a heartbeat."

liw, MD

"I've never met anyone more open and less judgmental than Rhonda. At the beginning of covid, I had to deal with some crazy family and work things. It's only because of our coaching that I was able to keep it together."



Coaching is done one-on-one in a confidential manner. Most of my clients choose to be coached via Zoom or Facetime, but I also coach via phone and in person if it’s practical for both of us.


With a background in organizational development, I work with many companies to analyze their strategy, staffing, goals, and particular needs. I am certified to deliver and interpret The Leadership Circle 360.


Sometimes organizations just need someone to facilitate sessions or direct workshops. I’m trained as a graphic facilitator and can use my artistic talent, or simply utilize my knowledge as a nonviolent communicator.