When facilitating a meeting – whether for coaching or strategic planning or anything else – using four-foot high paper and giant markers is brilliant. The impact on productivity is remarkable, and it’s fun. After you have helped create a conceptual mindmap with graphics, you’ll want every meeting to be illustrated.


There isn’t much my team of Cracker Jack meeting facilitators can’t accomplish – particularly if one is a smooth and clever mediator and the other captures the essence of the conversation and records it with pictures. You’ll be amazed at how this emergent field makes meetings more interesting, efficient, and easier to endure.


What would you do if your reputation in the office is “the person with the superpower to make meetings worth attending?” And what if you could do it without double-fudge brownies? By signing up a pair of VDA facilitators, you will become that person. Contact us to discover more about what graphic facilitation can do for your organization.


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“Rhonda is such a pleasure to coach with. She is incredibly compassionate and has a huge amount of empathy and at the same time expects more for her clients because she sees a greater calling and a greater purpose. In a sincere and kind way, she will point out when you are playing small.”

~RP, California