Coaching is one of many gifts you give yourself and your team. A professional coach is trained and certified and will help you discover your personal values. A coach is adept at conversational tools that help you set and achieve goals unique to you – at this place and time in your journey. It’s a well-honed, professional, outside perspective.


Coaching – whether for an individual or a team – is transformative, immediate and intuitive. Coaching is fixed attention on you and your current situation. Our clients are frequently surprised that the goals they thought they had are just stand-ins for dreaming bigger and taking greater risks.


Yes, there is a method to this practice! Through a variety of exchanges – whether in person, via Skype, or on the phone – we work through the coaching model. We hold conversations with our clients every two weeks for four to six months, checking in with them as they discover solutions and accomplish their objectives.


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“Rhonda helped me discover some talents which I didn't realize I had, and then collaborated with me to identify ways I could leverage those skills at work. Her encouragement and coaching helped me overcome inertia and take new steps to change my behavior, significantly improving my job performance and making me happier about what I am doing.”
~AW, Oregon