The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same
The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

This last weekend I had the great fortune to hang with a classmate I’ve known since first grade for a girls’ weekend in New York City. It was divine. My classmate, who also happens to be my cousin (more on that later) had never been to the city. We ate well. We went to The Parisian Woman on Broadway and saw Uma Thurman and Blair Brown. We walked our feet off. We shopped for stationery at Muji. We took an amazing class called Sketch Your Way Around New York (with the talented Ben Punto). And the Chrysler Building was right outside our window.

The Best Part

But the best part is the part that relates to this blog and this website . . . this marvelous, talented, intriguing travel mate is a person I knew as a child, but we are now in a different, more exciting phase of our lives.

Let’s call her Laura. Mostly because that’s her name. I knew her in elementary school as Laura 1.0 – or maybe Laura 0.1 – and we’ve both grown from small children into women who have seen heartache and love, had parenting adventures, and blossomed into the well-experienced adults we are today. Grown-ups, I concluded this weekend, are way more interesting and confident and willing to forgive.

The Business Changes

And so it is with my business. When I left the corporate world with my graduate degree and Fortune 200 consulting experience, I operated under the umbrella called First Folio, and I marketed to small businesses to write and deliver training and consulting services. Then when I completed my training and certifications, my company was Condor Coaching. Today my business has blossomed into a beautiful, fabulous, well-conceived endeavor that I call Van Diest Associates. My name plus “associates,” nodding to my friends and colleagues who work with me and inspire me daily.

I love this.

What Changes Should You Expect?

It’s a growing experience, and in this phase many things will change, and many things will stay the same. These are the things that will change:

  • The mission – not only to officially coach individuals, but to again embrace organizational development.
  • The company name – that too is official, as recognized by the IRS and every social media platform I could remember.
  • The capabilities – with my graphic facilitation / recording training complete and lots of experience under my belt, I have found a creative outlet that I love and will add this to what I do.
  • The planning – I am a planner by nature, and a believer that good planning is the best path to stress relief. I’ve committed to a more regular calendar of outreach and posting on social media.

What has not changed:

  • Professional integrity – I will continue to show up when promised, to give my all, and to continue to develop my skills on behalf of my clients.
  • My audience – I still love to work with teams of professionals in the workplace for team coaching, and to focus on mid-career women with high potential.
  • Affiliations with other professionals – I can’t do it all, so I will continue to partner with colleagues whose skills complement my own and maintain strong relationships for coaching, consulting, and graphic facilitation.

And there you have it. More of the same, but a little bit different.

Just like this last weekend in New York, Laura and I discovered that the best thing about our time together was to rediscover our friendship as adults. We have a long history, lots of spaces in between meetings, but we continue to grow and develop, kinda like my business.

Come join me on this next adventure and let me know what you would like to see in the time ahead for Van Diest Associates, as well as your own future.

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