• Just Gettin’ It Done

    I hope you’re as enthralled as I am, watching the cave rescue of the soccer team in Thailand. Each day I wake up and listen to the radio, eagerly awaiting word on how many boys were rescued as I slept.  While commentators say that this is “another situation we can all rally around,” I think […]

  • The First Time in Visually-Captured Meetings

    I love facilitating meetings with visuals. Just like the first time my kids were enthralled by cirque du soleil, I enjoy seeing the looks on the faces of the audience members the first time they see meetings captured in graphics. When I first saw it, I was also dumbfounded and impressed – preoccupied with the […]

  • The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

    This last weekend I had the great fortune to hang with a classmate I’ve known since first grade for a girls’ weekend in New York City. It was divine. My classmate, who also happens to be my cousin (more on that later) had never been to the city. We ate well. We went to The […]